Mathew Gibson

20+ years of Editing Experience:

Developmental, Substantive, Line, Ghostwriting, Proposals Self-help, Psychology, Alternative Medicine, Spirituality, Consciousness, Nature, Business

“Your words are powerful; they deserve to be handled with care, clarity, precision, and intention.”

Matthew Gibson has been a writer, editor, and researcher for much of his professional life, operating at a high level of discernment while skilled at finding the most essential message in any piece of writing.

From developmental/line editing and manuscript evaluations to ghostwriting and book proposals, his versatile skills are applicable to nearly any project. He’s particularly experienced helping first-time authors with subject matter expertise (e.g., scientists, consultants, therapists, teachers) find their voice and shape their ideas and story for a wider audience. Matthew specializes in the following categories:

  • Self-help/Personal Development
  • Psychology
  • Spirituality/consciousness
  • “New science / New thought”
  • Nature/Environment
  • Alternative/Complementary Medicine
  • Futures Studies
  • Business/Leadership

He has run two print magazines with extensive book review sections; co-founded a book imprint that published a New York Times bestseller; is a long-time reviewer for the nationally recognized Nautilus Book Awards; and is the author of three books with established publishers.

His experience on all sides of the publishing equation gives him a unique perspective on the needs and aspirations of both first-time and experienced authors.

Books I have edited, ghostwritten, or authored:

Fantastic Fungi: How Mushrooms Can Heal, Shift Consciousness, and Save the Planet (Anthology / Earth Aware Editions, 2019)

Cleanse & Purify Thyself, 4th ed. by Richard Anderson (Christobe Press, 2019)

Courage in the Face of Cruelty: My 28-Year Journey through the California Prison System by James Alexander (Lonely Monk Press, 2019)

Managing Elder Care from Afar: A Practical Guide for Busy People by Diane Dagefoerde (Orounda Media Group, 2018)

My Daily Rules to Live By: How to Become a Better Person by Sol Weingarten, MD (Dual Reality Press, 2016)

Sudden Awakening by Eli Jaxon-Bear (New Morning Books, 2013)

The Golden Flame: The Heart and Soul of Remarkable Leadership by Dr. Keith Merron (Avista Press, 2010)

Power, Passion, and Purpose by Ann Nichols Roulac (Green Island Publishing, 2006)

Take this Job and Love It: How to Find Fulfillment in any Job You Do (Rodale / St. Martin’s Press/Macmillan, 1998)

Communication Miracles at Work (Conari Press, 2002)

The Workplace Revolution: Restoring Trust in Business and Bringing Meaning to Our Work (Conari Press/Red Wheel Weiser, 2005)

“Conscious Aging: Group Process Guidelines for Facilitators”
The Institute of Noetic Sciences (2012