A Christian Author’s Audience

Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog When Writing Your Novel So you’re a Christian and you feel like the Spirit is speaking to your heart about writing a novel. If that’s you, then I hope you’ll take up the gauntlet and go with the Spirit’s leading, because your story has the potential to speak … Read more

Holiday Tidings to You!


Stories, stories, stories … Whether it’s a historical tale of English pirates in the 1700s … or a sci-fi thriller about aliens invading Earth … or a military adventure featuring US Special Forces in the Middle East … or a murder mystery with a down-on-his-luck PI … my days are filled with stories. As much … Read more

To Cuss or Not to Cuss?

Handling Profanity as a Christian Novelist. I’m a Christian who typically doesn’t use profanity, but that doesn’t stop me from allowing my fictional characters to cuss if they want to. If you’re a novelist whose first love is Jesus, then the preceding quotation may have your eyes popping wide open…

Just write it. Then think revision

Just write it!

Recently, I was helping our youngest daughter with a writing assignment about medieval knights, and she told me she couldn’t think of an adjective to modify a certain noun. She offered a few ideas and then just sat there, stuck. I could only say to her what I encourage novelists with…

Take a cue from the movies—enter late and leave early


When it comes to writing scenes for novels, writers would do well to behave like a good party guest—arrive late, and leave early. This is something we see all the time in film. We enter a scene as close to the climax as possible, and then leave either right before or right after the central conflict is resolved…

Are You a Writer—or a Preacher?


My biggest pet peeve when it comes to Christian fiction is that too many Christian writers see storytelling as a means to an end—preaching a message—rather than an end in itself. When I encounter such writing, I tend to go off on a rant comparing two of the most well known Christian storytellers…