The Horoscope of Jesus – Dates of Birth and Death

Jesus Astrology

The topic of horoscopes, with reference to Jesus Christ, sparks debate. Some religious people regard astrological inquiry as impious or at least trivial. Others reason, to the contrary, that astrology may lay claim to truth from one vantage point. Jesus himself advised that “the truth will make you free” (John 8:32). Every branch of knowledge … Read more

The Prophet Ezekiel: Visionary and Shaman

prophet ezekiel visionary shaman

How shall we understand visionary experience? What is its function in the life of the biblical prophet? In this article, I will take a look at the prophet Ezekiel, whose florid mysticism verges, at times, on madness. I will suggest that the difference between mysticism and madness, in the context of biblical prophecy, has to … Read more

The Angel of Beauty: Gen 32:22-30

Jacob Wrestling the Angel

For I have seen God face to face and yet my life is preserved Gen 32:30 A friend named Irene lost her well-paid job in Silicon Valley, struggled for a couple of years to get another position, lamented as her bank balance rapidly declined, and ended up declaring bankruptcy. The low point in her life … Read more

The Female Jesus: Early Christian Visionaries

Female Jesus

Our devotional lives depend on the imagination. Through the imagination, God (or Spirit) appears to us in forms that arouse our yearnings and our curiosity. Why then is the contemporary imagination, pertaining to Jesus Christ, sometimes rather fixated on the maleness of Jesus? It was otherwise for early Christians. This article discusses a report, from … Read more

Balancing the Three “C’s” of Christian Publishing

Any Christian who sets out to write a book will automatically find him or herself struggling to balance three primary concerns, all of which happen to start with the letter “C”: Christ, commerce and content. In an ideal world, Christ will be at the top, for what higher motive could a Christian writer have than … Read more

A Christian Author’s Audience

Don’t Let the Tail Wag the Dog When Writing Your Novel So you’re a Christian and you feel like the Spirit is speaking to your heart about writing a novel. If that’s you, then I hope you’ll take up the gauntlet and go with the Spirit’s leading, because your story has the potential to speak … Read more

Holiday Tidings to You!


Stories, stories, stories … Whether it’s a historical tale of English pirates in the 1700s … or a sci-fi thriller about aliens invading Earth … or a military adventure featuring US Special Forces in the Middle East … or a murder mystery with a down-on-his-luck PI … my days are filled with stories. As much … Read more

To Cuss or Not to Cuss?

Handling Profanity as a Christian Novelist. I’m a Christian who typically doesn’t use profanity, but that doesn’t stop me from allowing my fictional characters to cuss if they want to. If you’re a novelist whose first love is Jesus, then the preceding quotation may have your eyes popping wide open…